241 Confusion

Confusion is an enemy-only Dark magic card with 0 attack and 0 defense.

Card Effect

+1 Magic Counters,

For this turn and the next turn, opponents play threats at random.

Card Description

"Don't know why I'm holding this kipper, but I'll bash that talking cake with it!" - Rall the Barbarian, under the influence of a Confusion spell

AI Decks that Use ConfusionEdit

Zone Brawl Quest
z1 Beastman Chieftain 1st Beastman , 3rd Kobold
z2 Succubus Mistress Many
z3 Orc Axe Master , Orc Shaman ?
z4 Crimson Courtesan The Recital, The Plundered Dungeon
z5 None ?
z6 Priestess of Guilbert ?
z7 Cicero the Undying ?
clan Glubbulus the Foul