Valley Path 2 is part of the Echoes map.




"Umm... Lord Kasan?"

You turn, and see that one of the townswomen is walking beside you. She's shifting her weight from side to side, as though nervous or inebriated. Under the circumstances, you assume the former to be the case. Other men and women from Marsonne have drawn close, and seem eager - though equally nervous - to hear whatever it is she has to say.

"I'm not a lord. I have no noble title."

"Oh. Forgive me, milord."

You sigh. You're generations removed from the hero of Burden's Rest, yet some inhabitants of West Kruna act as if you're royalty. You can only imagine how the hero himself was once treated.

"May I aid you with something?" you ask.

"we... we had a question, milord."

The woman pauses, and looks over her shoulder at the others - as though seeking their support. Thus she doesn't see the rock in her path, and you're forced to catch her by the arm as she stumbles. You keep hold of her until she rights herself, at which point she turns a red face to you. Perhaps deciding that she's saturated with embarassment and hence has nothing left to lose, she then blurts out her heralded question.

"Why does everyone call your ancestor the Dragon-Rider? No one ever uses his proper name."

Now it's your turn to be embarrassed, as you realize that you have no idea how to answer her.


The cry breaks the moment of uncomfortable silence, and you regard the beastmen ahead of you with something approaching gratitude.


As is so often the case, the thrill of battle quickens your wits. When the last enemy falls to your blade, you turn to the woman who asked you the question.

"Why do we call him Dragon-Rider? Because sometimes a man's achievements are greater than he himself, and become his identity."

The woman and her friends beam and nod, apparently so convinced by the profound flavor of your words that their actual inanity escapes them. You congratulate yourself on your wisdom, and are about to go on your way when she speaks again.

"So what will you be called, milord, when your tale is told?"

For a second time, you find yourself utterly at a loss.

"There will be time for talk later," Tessa interjects. "But for now there are more foes to slay."

You mouth her a silent word of gratitude once your face is turned away from the townspeople, and continue along the path.